Today's fast changing business environment puts even higher requirements on companies ability to adapt and stay in the forefront in their business area. 

Unander Information & Communication (UNIC) is a Business Development Consultancy that supports small, medium sized as well as large companies to improve their business by Increasing Sales and Reducing Cost. 

There is no single model to accomplish this, it has to be adapted to the unique situation of your business challenges and prerequisites.

Our analysis of the situation and advise will guide you in the right direction.

Our tools to support your product or service development can be through using new technologies like Telematics or M2M together with existing IT-systems but also be based on our understanding of the market opportunities matched with your company´s abilities.

UNIC has acknowledged the business challenges and is active in China with a focus on commercial vehicles and the transport industry. UNIC carried out research 2014-2015 to describe the Chinese tranportation market with a special focus on Fleet Management Systems. This report can be accesed through our publisher see - http://www.berginsight.com/ShowReport.aspx?m_m=3&id=202. 





If you want to try to sell your products on the new market China we can bridge the cultural barriers to ensure that your product gets the right prerequisites to be succesful, being organizing production/ assembling or build up the necessary sales and distribution channels. UNIC will guide you whether you want to strenghten your company´s business offerings or to establish your business in China.

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