Business Consulting

UNIC has 20 years experience from strategic and operational assignments involving products and services for the European business to business market. Some of the projects have also included the US and Japanese market.

The projects have covered the areas R&D, Product Development, Production, Organisation, Branding, Marketing Activities, Sales & Distribution and After Market Services.

Clients are from the industries Vehicles, Pulp&Paper, IT, Machinery, Machine Components, Telecommunications, HVAC, Hydraulics, Chemicals, Mineral Oil but also Software for e.g. Product Development, Infotainment, Telematics and GIS.

The common denominator in all assignments has been to increase the profitability in our clients business.

We offer you:

- Business analysis, Internal and External 

- Advice on actions

- Support with implementation af changes

- Operative management for hire

A new consultancy service is focused on China . Please see detailed information under the service page China.

Recent years a special focus for UNIC has been addressing some issues that are critical challenges for many companies.

1. Processes and Business Systems can be a company´s worst enemy

Large companies are stuck in processes and supporting business systems that preserves an old behaviour and prevents them from meeting the changed demands. Companies become application driven organisations where the main task is to feed the business systems with data. Most companies are driven by refined Information not Processes or Applications.

Our offer - A new more flexible solution is necessary to be introduced in many companies.

2. Converting from being a Product Supplier to a Service Provider is a huge step that not all companies should take.

The resistance to overcome is as much own management distrust of the business case as the customers unwillingsness to buy a service instead of a product. Also, neither the organisation or the support systems are designed for such a change.  The problem is to 80% caused by people and 20 % is technology related. A transition from a product to service oriented company should be carefully planned and goals must be realistic.

Our offer - Provide a Road Map that is realistic and takes the internal challenges as well as the external into account. 

3. Less but directly relevant information is better than more of the basic.

Too many service providers supply their customers with too low refined data/ information. Often the reaction is to supply more information but presented in new ways. Too much responsibility is still left with the user to make his decision and see the service as more useful than others. Tomorrows winners amongst Service Providers will guaranteee data quality and also add value to the basic information up on an advisory level.

Our offer - UNIC´s Service Development Ladder will give an advise of how high up on the ladder you should climb and how to organize the service delivery.

4. The strive for new income streams can be costly if it does not support the core business .

Most companies have a clear defined core business and stepping out far from that definition is something that should be considered carefully. In todays world of applications, information and infotainment via our mobile devices it is tempting for companies having consumers as customers to compete with the huge group of independent developers och specialized companies. Few companies will get significant new income streams from e.g. infotainment if it is just a small part of the core offer.

Our offer: Advise to companies that want to add new soft services to their products or services if and why they should do so.