Business in China

Many European small and medium sized companies want to enter the Chinese Market but do not know how to, rate the risk as too high to try or do not have the resources.

UNIC is already active in China and is well versed with both culture and language, an ideal business partner for any company aspiring to enter this huge but demanding market.

We can act as your operational partner organising marketing, sales and distribution. When you are ready to start your own local Chinese company, we help you through the process. 

Get a clear picture on what is required to start up the business and also a realistic prognosis on your product´s ability to become sucessful.

In China UNIC offers sales support to European companies:

  • act as agent/ main distributor
  • support to establish distribution channels 
  • local contact to supervise/ control production
  • relation building

Current business partners







Services to European Regions

UNIC offer representation for those Business Regions who would like to to have a representative office in China but want to evaluate first if to establish an own office or not.

In this package the client will receive an office close to Shanghai City centre easy to access for potential clients, a representative with local business experience who speaks, writes and reads Chinese, English and Swedish Fluently and a adapted local team to carry out the   .

UNIC support Business Region to offer the following services in China for their local companies:

- Finding business partners for Joint Ventures/ Manufacturing/ Distribution

- Market Research and Analysis

- Company Start Up Kits including business registration, office, relocation services and recruitment of employees

- Negotiation services contracts, collaboration agreements

- Translation services

The Service is based on that the Region usually do not have regular business in China and therefore would prefer to buy services when needed. UNIC eliminates the need for investments and let the Regions companies try out their products potential before taking a definite decision to establish in China.

If the region or your client require, UNIC can set up your representative office as a service.