Examples Assignments


Manager for hire

* Pulp and Paper Industry - Marketing Manager 

* Telematics Valley - Executive Director

* Consultancy Company - Head of Telematics Business Development Center 

Vehicle Industry

* Truck Company - Increase sales of After Market Spares UK

* Truck Company - Propose strategy to handle two strong truck brands in planned merger


* Security company - Business case and development of a pilot system for wireless PDA reporting and alarm

* M2M Carrier - Recommendation if to upgrade a mobile data network

* M2M Carrier - Development proposal for new M2M services

* Carrier - Evaluation of insourcing customers services 

* Carrier - Strategy to motivate customer support to reorganize whenimplementing Avatar technology


* Software application - Strategy for GIS products in the BeNeLux and Scandinavia

* Software Development Tool  - Positioning stategy in Europe, US and Japan 

Manufacturing Industry

* Pulp and Paper - New product development based on analysis of customer needs and production plant development and optimization in UK, France, Austria, Germany, Italy and Scandinavia

* Professional Laundry Machines - Positioning strategy and activity plan on markets Germany, UK and Sweden

* Fork lift trucks - Recommendation on how to handle corporate name in a large merger

Telematics/ ITS

* Infotainment - Advisor on new safety functionality for cars

* Car Company - Platform for Telematics Strategy

* American Car Company - Establish the Internal Business case for all data in a car

* ITS - Advisor on strategy for a consultancy company going for ITS projects


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